Preparation and optimal course of the pregnancy

Preparation and optimal course of the pregnancy

Preventing the risk of congenital malformations through food supplementation is common.
Throughout pregnancy, the pregnant woman’s body provides the baby with all the elements he needs to grow: proteins, fats, sugars, vitamins and minerals.
Supplementation with folic acid (vitamin B9) increases the maternal status of folate. Low folate status in the mother increases the risk of developing neural tube defects in the developing fetus.
The intake of folic acid (Vitamin B9) is crucial before and during pregnancy. Folic acid is used in cell renewal and fetal development during pregnancy. To be used by the body, folic acid must be activated by the enzyme MTHFR (methylene tetrahydrofolate reductase). However, mutations found in couples in difficulty, affect the gene of this enzyme, and then leads to low production of biologically active folic acid. Prescribed at least 400 μg, folic acid is a crucial requirement for pregnancy. Brought in biologically active form at 500 μg, it helps to protect against the risk of malformation.
In addition to the issue of folic acid, it has been shown that high levels of homocysteine for men and women lead to risks : male and female fertility disorders, miscarriage, development of neural tube defects in the developing fetus, congenital heart disease, cleft lip and palate, etc. Thus, encourage processing, homocysteine recycling is important. This recycling of homocysteine is carried out by enzymes whose co-factors are the vitamins of group B: vitamins B6, B9 and B12. The contribution of these vitamins of group B is therefore an important point not only to support infertile couples but also pregnancy by preventing the risk of malformations.
The good development of an embryo is also due to normal DNA synthesis and good cell division. The contribution of zinc helps the optimal course of these mechanisms.
For the development and proper functioning of the human body, omega 3 fatty acids are needed. Omega 3 fatty acids are a family of essential fatty acids that our body does not know how to make. Fatty acids are found in various functions including the renewal of cell membranes. Omega 3 strengthen the protection of the brain, the bone structure.
Supplementing the diet of women in preparation and in pregnancy (especially during the first trimester) with these crucial elements makes it possible to reduce the risks of malformations which can lead to miscarriages.


What is Gestalia?
A food supplement that helps reduce the risk of future baby malformation during pregnancy.
Food supplement including vitamin B9 in the form of (6S) -5 methyltetrahydrofolic acid (glucosamine salt), minerals, powdered fruit and seeds of prickly pear and fish oil.
Zinc contributes to the normal synthesis of DNA and plays a role in the process of cell division.
Zinc helps protect cells against oxidative stress.
Vitamins B6, B9 and B12 help the normal metabolism of homocysteine.

Composition :
Zinc, Omega 3 Rich Microencapsulated Fish Oil, Prickly Pear Seed Powder, Prickly Pear Fruit Powder, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B2, Methyltetrahydrofolic Acid (6S) -5 form of glucosamine salt (vitamin B9), iodine.

For who ?
➢ This food supplement is for women of childbearing age.
➢ Gestalia ingredients are indicated to pregnant women and / or having a pregnancy project.

How to use
Desire of pregnacy : To be taken 2 months before conception and then during pregnancy and during the entire breastfeeding period.